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Reto International
Breaking drug addiction
and alcohol dependency.
Restoring life for ever!
Our compassionate and experienced staff helps all of our program participants to regain independence and a new life
Developing new skills
and a new way of living!
Offices and Stores:

Corner Louis Botha & 7th Street
Orange Grove

RETO Free Market

Pionner Open air Museum
Silverton PTA

Irene Market
Smuts House
Irene PTA

Broodblik & Koofiepit Market
R51 Bapsfontein
Piston Ring, Modderfontain

310 Steve Biko Road

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My friend “I am the drug”. I have destroyed many ignorant people’s lives. I am the one who infiltrated myself into parties and discos, schools and parks. I am the one who in the beginning deceived you in this world full of problems, with the time coming when I start to become indispensable in your life and I will dominate you.
“I am the drug”, the one who has destroyed many lives in this world. I don’t care about your race or culture, if you’re rich or poor; when you taste me you are mine for the rest of your life.

Do you remember when you started trying me? You were sad, you felt alone. I offered you happiness and now I have you, you are mine. We are a team. I wake up in the morning, I make you walk like a puppet, MY WILL is your will. I destroyed your physical and spiritual life. I am the one who destroyed your home, who takes the love of your wife and family. I am the one who imprisoned you. And you are like a worm. I captivated you and you love me. There is nobody on earth who can break down our love. You try to forget me but you can’t. Science and doctors can’t break our love.

My only enemy is Jesus Christ, the son of God. I have seen him rescue many of my followers, and now they live happily embraced in his Love and care. I hate him! Because He is the only one who can overcome me! He is the one who in the long run can control me. Against Him I cannot fight…I always lose when He intervenes. I know He is the only one who can save you from me. He is talking to you now and I don’t like it.
We are called  to help all drug dependants.
Our guide is the “Bible.”
Our foundation is based in
Jesus Christ